Meeting the needs that arose with population growth, evolving food habits, and developing healthy, sustainable, and inclusive food systems are critical to achieving world development goals. Advances in agriculture, the science of tillage, plant cultivation, and animal breeding will be one of the most powerful tools to meet the nutritional needs of the projected 9.7 billion human population in 2050. The industry is expected to grow at least double its current size by that date, and this makes using the world's limited resources in the most efficient way critical to creating a sustainable and responsible food system.

As Eurokim, we offer innovative solutions and effective services with our strong partners to ensure a more efficient and sustainable agriculture and to offer products and solutions that support our customers operating in the fields of plant and animal nutrition to achieve their high performance and optimum cost targets.

The categories we add value to our partners:


Trace minerals

Amino acids

Protein hydrolysates and Peptides






Vitamin D Metabolite • Vitamins • Amino Acids • Protein Hydrolysates and Peptides • Beta-glucan • Antimicrobial peptides • Antioxidants • Potassium Hydroxide • Potassium Carbonate • Mono Ammonium Phosphate • Citric Acid MONO&ANH. • Lignosulfonate • Sodium Gluconate • Calcium Chloride • Sodium 4 • EDTA • Glycols (MPG, PEG, etc.) • Vitamins • Inorganic Minerals • Amines (TEA, MEA, DEA) • Preservatives • Thickeners

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