The healthcare and food industries are two important fields that affect people's quality of life. The R&D efforts and technological developments in this field in the last century have played the biggest role in the increase of this life quality and how to maintain it.

The healthcare and food industries prevent diseases, find cures for them, provide life-saving treatments, and thus, are of great contributors to the global economy. Food supplements, nutraceuticals and functional foods that have been increasingly used around the world as well as the healthcare studies have become important factors of healthy aging and good quality of life. Companies across the world have focused on providing new solutions in line with developments in this field and the evolving needs.

The increased awareness of consumers influenced the development of products that are beneficial to human health and environment-friendly. So, the ingredients must be the most reliable and of the highest quality.

As Eurokim, our responsibility in this process is to offer our customers high-quality and effective ingredients through a broad and reliable supply network. We continue to help consumers lead a healthy life with a focus on following the global trends, new technologies, and featured products in the industry closely, keeping our portfolio developed based on strong partnerships always up-to-date and supporting our customers in creating the most trendy concepts.

The categories we add value to our partners:

Women's Health


Children’s Health

Cardiovascular Health

Eye Health

Brain and Nervous System


Muscle and Joint Health



Body Weight Management

Nutritional Supplement

Functional Foods

Sports Nutrition


Collagens • Gelatins • Omega 3 (from animal and vegan sources) • Prebiotics • Probiotics • Vitamins • Minerals • Plant and Fruit extracts • Sugar derivatives • Antioxidants • Amino acids

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Eurokim, whose foundations were laid in 1983, today operates in the food, cosmetics, detergent, pharmaceutical, textile, paint, ceramic and metal industries with its experienced and expert staff.

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