The most basic definition of construction and paint chemicals would be auxiliary chemical substances used in the construction industry that enable durable and high-quality buildings. The need for them started with the development of people's desire for shelter, and as in all areas, it developed and grew in parallel with the changes in lifestyles. Today, this sector continues to grow due to the increasing demand for housing and product needs all over the world, becoming a driving force for economies.

As Eurokim, we are working to create the best value with various products designed with our experience to meet the needs of the cement, adhesive, ceramics, paint, and ink industries. In addition to the traditional excipients, we continue to follow our understanding of quality service with high quality, competitive and solution-focused special products in this industry as well.


Propellants • Thickeners • Special Binders • Acid regulators • Retarders • Pigments • Defoamers Titanium dioxide • Solvent-based pigments • Nitrocellulose • Sodium Gluconate • Citric Acid • Air Entrainer • Chlorine Paraffin 52% • Glycols (MPG, PEG, etc.)

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